Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Shower Mania

My sister and I are hosting a surprise baby shower for our other sister on Saturday. We have been super busy making decorations, setting the menu, and orchestrating events, so the day goes off successfully. My sister was the kid who hunted down her hidden Christmas presents, opened them, and retaped the wrapping, so she could find out what she was getting before Christmas morning. If we are able to keep this shower a surprise, it will be a major accomplishment in our family. (She doesn't know about this blog yet either :)

As with most things I undertake, I did a lot of research. There are hundreds of baby shower sites out there. Some of the most helpful were other blogs, such as Alpha+Mom and Homemade by Jill. We are having about fifteen people, and here is the menu. Nothing too fancy, but I think it will be nice.
  • chocolate raisins, mints, nuts, jelly beans
  • yummy crab dip (I confess that this is store purchased, but I have not been able to find a recipe that beats it.)
  • cheese/crackers/chips
  • fruit salad
  • mini chicken salad sandwiches
  • deviled eggs
My sister does not like cake, so we are going to have assorted sweets instead.
  • homemade banana bread
  • strawberry mousse (thank you Simply Recipes)
  • Special K bars (this is my mother-in-law's recipe. simple and always the first to go at a party)
  • Angel food cupcakes
For beverages, we are going to have just punch and water. When I first set up house, my mom got me a 1973 copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook. While some of the recipes look totally disgusting and mayonnaise heavy, it is great for recipes like punch.

That's about it for now; I will post pictures of the shower and more information about the decorations we made later.

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