Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not So Nice Patches

OK, so my husband asked me to patch this pair of work shorts, or at least that is what I thought he asked me to do.

Clearly patchwork is not my specialty. The only fabric I could find that would withstand heavy use was an old pair of jeans, which obviously does not match. The shorts themselves have seen better days, so I didn't think it would matter much though.

When I showed him the shorts, he laughed (so did I; aren't they pitiful looking) and asked what he was supposed to do with those since he wouldn't be wearing them in public. Then he asked why I had patched them when all he really wanted done was the hole in the pocket fixed. Hmmm.....I swear he asked me to fix the holes in the front.

Then he asked why I had not put the patch material on the inside, so it wouldn't have been so noticeable. Oh yeah, duh, what a good idea :)

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