Thursday, October 2, 2008

Three Today

LM turned three years old today!

It is so cliche to say it, but it is just amazing that three years has already passed since the day he was born. The difference is just unbelievable. Three years ago, we had a baby that could do nothing for itself--couldn't walk, talk, feed itself. Now we have a walking, talking (a lot), almost totally potty-trained, wonderfully funny and smart child.

It is absolutely amazing to me how much he remembers. I don't know any other 3 year old who knows the difference between a telehandler and a giant excavator. I am sure part of it is because of his dad, but he really seems mechanically inclined. He loves to look at how things are put together and has incredible eye-hand coordination.

I hope the next three years will be as good as the last!

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Zsenya said...

Happy Birthday little man!!! I'm wondering if you've made it through all the Johnson and Johnson you received at his baby shower?!