Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday House Tour

We went on the Holiday House Tour of Winchester, VA today. We saw the public rooms of six historic houses, including the bedroom were Daniel Morgan died. Cold wind about blew us away, but it was neat to see the inside of the houses we have passed by so many times.

It was interesting to see how the people furnished and decorated the spaces.

Most, if not all of them, had:
  • a grandfather clock
  • smallish kitchens
  • furniture of all styles and periods mixed together
  • a print--A View of Winchester
  • formal dining rooms
  • original paintings
  • beautiful drapes
It struck me how understated many of the houses were. "Old money" vs the ostentatious display of new wealth.

The houses were also filled with items of meaning--things the owners had clearly picked because they loved them, and they were interesting items even though, in many cases, they didn't match.

Food for thought as I look around our house.

Fill your house and life with people and things you love and bring you joy and have meaning--get rid of the rest.

Now off to the storage room....

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