Sunday, July 13, 2008

To the Zoo....

...and Ikea, JoAnn Fabrics, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Dave's Barbecue. Wow! What a day. No wonder my two guys are sound asleep. I'm on my crazy work schedule even on the weekends, so I am wide awake. Good for blogging, I guess, but hard to get up early the next morning.

We had a great day going "to the city"--even drove by the old house. Not sure what I expected, but everything looks about the same.

While seeing the animals at the National Zoo is always fun, I was struck by how much more interested we were in all the other things at the zoo--the people, the construction, the food. I think LM (little man) spent more time looking at the bulldozers at the elephant house renovations than he did anything. I was fascinated with all of the people.

There is some awesome people watching to be done at the zoo--quite the variety of body shapes, sizes, hair color, clothing, family composition, and tattoos to be seen. I'm all for looking respectable when going out in public, but I was surprised at how many women had on designer little (the emphasis on little) sundresses with totally impractical sandals, sunglasses, and hair beauty-salon perfect. I was quite the opposite in my ball cap, tennis shoes, and sweaty shirt. (Of course we went on the hottest day of the summer so far!)

We did get a table at Ikea for the office/sewing room. Now maybe I can move all of my sewing projects out of the dining room.

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