Saturday, September 19, 2009


Entrances to homes that is...should be clean and clutter free, right?

There are four major entrances to our home. Strange, I hadn't really thought about it until I started this project.

Entrance #1
Technically, this is the side entrance, but it is the one everyone uses. All those glass panes were what started this all. I have been wanting to clean them for some time now, so I did today...and swept, and convinced myself that what it really needs are some flowers and a welcome mat.

Entrance #2
This is the front door. Only delivery people and others who have never been to the house before use this entrance. It is really too bad because we have quite a nice front porch except that the spiders had totally taken over. They were none too happy when I whacked them down with the broom.

Entrance #3
Door from inside the garage to the house. This is the entrance that still needs the most work. I wish I had before pictures though because it was Much, Much worse.

Entrance #4
This is the back door. Many little fingerprints covered these glass panes, and the dirt loves to settle here by the door.

There you have it; at least for one day all four doors are clean.

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