Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baltimore-Traveling with Kids

Despite, the wicked heat, we had a great time in Baltimore visiting the Maryland Science Center and Port Discovery!

Three adults and six kids (2 six-year-olds, 1 four-year-old, 1 three-year old, 1 one-year-old, and 1 three-week-old)

Things we did well:
  • Had printed directions for various routes
  • Got a late checkout of 2:30
  • Saved the food from the night before for lunch
  • Minimalized walking to and from activities
  • Brought an extra stroller
  • Brought plenty of snacks
  • Stayed in a hotel with a microwave and refrigerator
  • Focused on a couple of activities rather than rushing to a whole lot of things
Things may want to do for next trip:
  • Research local eating options prior to arrival
  • Printed reverse directions for getting home (especially in a town that is full of one way streets)
  • Pack hats and spray-on sun screen in the stroller

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