Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Side Hustle

On a regular basis, my brother-in-law and I come up with ideas to generate income outside of our regular jobs.  The Frugal Dad gave our potential activities a name:

"side hustle is a sort of part time job, but it typically involves you building something around your current trade."

This also goes along the lines of "minding your own business" from Rich Dad Poor Dad.

OK, so what is my business?  What is it that I know about, am interested in, have a unique contribution?  

General Ideas
  • archives
  • preservation
  • organization
  • technology
  • motherhood
  • gluten free eating
  • beginning investor
  • travel in area with kids

More Specific Ideas
  • Consult with local businesses/individuals on preserving archives
  • Offer a service like This Young House with advice on preservation
  • Become a personal organizer
  • Work with churches to improve their websites/start new outreach like blogs/facebook/etc.
  • Blog about journey as a beginning investor
  • Develop a blog/site about places to visit in the area with kids.  I actually think this idea has some merit.  As far as I can tell there is not a consolidated site that has descriptions and reviews of places of interest--especially from a mother's point of view.  On the weekends, we say, "ok where should we go?"  It is a real pain to visit all of the web sites of potential places, and it is difficult to find out relevant information or even come up with ideas.  I would love to have reader-submitted reviews as well as my own.  It could be tied to Flickr, Google Maps and all kinds of exciting things.  Not sure about the income-generating part though???  

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