Friday, June 20, 2008

Blanket #2 and Some Cute Little Bags

I finished the second blanket today and even had time to sew two little bags.

Here is the blanket. Same design as the other one just different fabric. I have been trying different places in the house to take pictures of these blankets and have not yet found anything that works really well.

This is in the sun room (see the ugly cushion covers; they are next on the sewing list.)

The big sisters of the babies-to-be will also be at the shower, so I got a few little things for them and made these bags to stash the goods. They were super easy and took only about ten minutes to make. I had the princess/fairy fabric left over from another project. These would be great for birthday party favor bags.

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Zsenya said...

I can't believe how much sewing you're getting done. That's really great. The blankets are wonderful. :) Jennie