Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sewing 101--Baby Blanket

I am what you would call a beginning sewer. I have taken one class at the community center about five years ago, and just wing it with most of my projects. So far, I have made some basic things like pillows, curtains, and cushion covers (more about those later).

I am making two baby blankets for a joint baby shower later this month. Although baby blankets don't look too difficult, I went with the Cuddly Quilt Kit from Joann's Fabric store for the first one.

I finished cutting the blocks today and sewing them into strips. The blocks are 7.5 x 8" each and primarily flannel with two satin ones. The satin ones were a bit tricky, but I just pinned them like crazy to keep them in place, and they turned out o.k.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the strips sewn together and then tackle the plush sides and backing.

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